Frequently asked questions

What do I get with CoreSkills?

With CoreSkills, you can confirm that someone has the technical expertise you need. The approach we take revolves around solving real-world technical problems with the tools developers use every day. We believe that this is what drives the accuracy of the evaluation process as it closely resembles how developers work.

How does CoreSkills fit into my hiring process?

CoreSkills provides you with everything you need to conduct high-quality technical interviews. You get access to a library of real-world assignments, automated assessement tools, code-review instructions, and evaluation rubrics for standardized technical assessment.

What type of developers can I evaluate with CoreSkills?

As of today, CoreSkills lets you evaluate Backend, Fullstack, and DevOps developers ranging from Junior to Senior roles. And right now, we're working on adding Frontend assignments.

What programming languages can my candidates use?

The CoreSkills assignments are language-agnostic and candidates can use the programing language of their choice.

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